Your Partner for After Treatment System Testing Services

Setting a New Standard in Catalyst Testing

Utilising our unique recirculating gas reactor, we are able to offer a comprehensive suite of full size catalyst & after treatment system ageing, durability and experimental testing services.

Our New Emissions Testing Breakthrough


Catalyst Ageing & Durability Services

Reproduce any after treatment ageing or durability cycle in a precise, repeatable and energy efficient manner. Comprehensive simultaneous capture of test results.

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Testing for Development

Test equipment has the capability to conduct a wide range of catalyst characterisation tests independently and at any time in situ during an ageing or durability cycle. The equipment is also ideally suited to screening projects.

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Catalyst Performance Testing

Capability to vary reactant and base gas composition together with other test variables not normally or easily evaluated via traditional testing means provides opportunities for after treatment system development and performance tuning.

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COSTSaves up to 80% over engine running costs

ENERGY-RECIRCULATIONUses up to 90% less energy

TEMPERATUREElectric furnace operates up to 1200°C

PRECISIONPrecision control of reactant flow, temperature and chemical composition

Up to 90% less CO₂ emissions